Submental fullness, more commonly known as a double chin, can be a nuisance for many people. It can make you look heavier than you are and can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, now there’s Kybella, a revolutionary injectable that targets and destroys the fat in a double chin with just a few simple sessions. To learn exactly how this treatment, offered here at Reflections Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa in Cartersville, GA, can give you a gorgeous, stronger jawline, read on

How Does Kybella Work?

This method of double chin removal involves injecting a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid into the fat below the chin. This substance works to break down fat cells, either forcing them to release fluid so they shrink or destroying them entirely. The treated fat cells are gradually eliminated by the body, leading to a noticeable reduction in double chin fullness. Kybella treatments are typically given in a series of several injections, spaced about a month apart. Most people require 2-4 treatment sessions to achieve their desired results.

Why Do I Struggle With Submental Fullness?

A double chin can be caused by a number of factors, including loose skin that has occurred with age or as a byproduct of weight loss. Submental fullness can also be caused by muscle weakness. The main cause, however, is excess fat in that area, which may be the result of weight gain or just genetics. It can be very hard to eliminate a chin through exercise and diet, as the body is reluctant to burn stored fat. That’s why this treatment is such a game-changer.

What Is the Treatment Process Like?


An initial consultation is an important step in determining if this treatment is right for you. During the consultation, a member of our staff will assess the amount of fat under your chin and determine if this treatment is likely to be effective. We will also look over your medical history, plus you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the treatment. If you are deemed a good candidate for Kybella, you will then be scheduled for your first treatment session.

Preparing for Treatment

Ahead of your session, you may be asked to take a few steps to help treatment and your healing afterward go as well as possible. For example, you must stop taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin or warfarin (Coumadin) before treatment, as these can cause bruising. It’s best to avoid harsh sun exposure for at least two weeks before your injections, as we can’t perform injections on sunburnt skin. You should always be wearing sunscreen when you’re outside anyway!

Your Sessions

During each Kybella treatment session, the injector will first clean the treatment area and then mark it off with a pen to guide the placement of the injections. A topical numbing cream may be used to numb the area to ensure your comfort throughout. The solution is then injected into the submental fat using a very fine needle. Injections are typically spaced about one month apart, and most patients require a series of 3-5 injection sessions to achieve their desired results.

Is There a Recovery Period Afterward?

There is not typically a recovery period needed after these injections; you should be able to return to your normal activities immediately following your treatment. Patients love that this treatment doesn’t cut into their day-to-day activities! However, it is important to avoid strenuous activity or exposure to extreme cold or heat for at least 24 hours after your injections to help the skin heal and your blood flow work normally.

How Long Does It Take Results To Develop?

After your treatment, the destroyed fat cells and fluids are cleared out by your body’s natural metabolic processes. This can take anywhere from a few days to up to two weeks depending on how fast your metabolism is. Patients appreciate that the gradual results look very natural, almost as though the submental fullness disappeared as a result of weight loss. This gives patients the freedom to keep details of their treatment private if they so desire.

Are the Results Permanent?

Unbelievably, the results of this treatment can be permanent. This is because fat cells do not regenerate; our bodies stop producing new fat cells when we’re teenagers. So once fat cells are destroyed by deoxycholic acid, they’re gone for good! It’s worth noting, however, that not all the fat cells will be destroyed during treatment. Some will only release fluid and shrink down, meaning they could expand in the future if you were to put on weight.

This is why we encourage those who undergo this treatment to maintain a similar weight after their injections. Putting on weight could not only undo your stunning results, but the fat could develop inconsistently and look patchy. To maintain your weight after treatment, we recommend eating a balanced, healthy diet, and exercising regularly. If you are struggling with weight gain, it may be worth talking to a nutritionist or dietician to get more specific instructions.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

This injectable double chin treatment is most effective for people with good skin elasticity and moderate to severe fat deposits under the chin. It is not recommended for people with very little fat under the chin or for those who are struggling with loose skin. If you are struggling with loose skin, such as jowls, a treatment that adds volume such as dermal fillers may be more suitable for you. This is why an initial consultation is so important.

Enjoy Permanent, Striking Neck Fat Reduction Around Your Jawline

If you’re done feeling self-conscious because of your submental fullness, and you’re ready to enjoy a more sculpted jawline that helps you feel beautiful, Kybella may be right for you. In just a few sessions you can enjoy results that last for years and you won’t even need downtime afterward! If you’re ready to get started, our expert team is ready to help. To schedule your consultation, call Reflections Medical Spa in Cartersville, GA, today.