Revision Skin Care

If you’ve never invested in a professional-grade skin care line, now is the time. At Reflections Medical Spa in Cartersville, GA, we offer several professional preventative skincare lines, including ReVision Skincare. If you want to transform your skin from the comfort of your own home and experience skin rejuvenation and skin renewal and hydrate your skin, you’re going to love this line and all of its products that promote total skin hydration

ReVision Skincare

ReVision Skincare is designed for men and women of all different ages and backgrounds. Regardless of whether you have a near-perfect complexion, have experienced severe sun damage, or anything and everything in between, this product line has products that will meet the needs of your skin, improve the appearance of your skin, and give you back the control.

Different factors influence skin health, including genetics, environment, age, and lifestyle. However, you don’t have to be a victim of those factors because, thanks to ReVision products, you have the power to regain control of your skin’s appearance, and all it takes are some simple modifications to your daily skincare routine.

A Line Trusted by Skin Experts

This skincare line has been helping men and women transform their complexions for over 22 years. Their anti-aging preventative skincare products are suitable for different skin types and are designed to give your skin a glow that radiates health and wellness.

If your skin doesn’t like change and breaks out when you begin a new regimen, you’ll love ReVision because the process promotes skin hydration and leave the skin feeling softer, cleaner, and renewed. After using these products, expect your skin to change for the better, not for the worse.

The ReVision Product Line

One of the ways to tell whether or not you can trust a skincare line is by looking at the research. There are so many influencers who promote products and promise that they deliver results, but you can’t always trust their recommendations because they’re getting paid to promote those products and, within the same week, will be promoting an entirely different line promising that it too will change your skin.

The best way to vet a brand is by looking at the research. Clinical studies don’t lie, and they can’t hide the facts but instead will give you accurate reports of the type of changes that men and women have experienced due to using a certain product within a brand. When you choose products from ReVision Skincare, you can rest assured that every product is carefully formulated with skin renewal and skin rejuvenation in mind and has clinical studies to prove it.

Stand Out Products

Every professional-grade skincare line has some stand-out products that are go-to’s among dermatologists, estheticians, and those who are dedicated believers in the power of ReVision Skincare. Even though all of these products are designed to promote skin hydration, skin renewal, and skin rejuvenation, there are some cult favorites that are so popular not because your favorite blogger swears by them but because they work.

Products Designed for Skin Rejuvenation

Brightening Facial Wash

A good cleanser is the backbone of every skincare routine. If you need a product that removes buildup and oil and deeply cleanses the pores while also hydrating the skin without overdrying it, the Brightening Facial Wash is the perfect product to implement into your routine. This product will brighten the skin with the combination of vitamin C and licorice and lily extracts. It delivers antioxidants to the skin and helps maintain its natural moisture content.

Products for Preventative Skincare


This line offers many different preventative skincare products that hydrate your skin, but one of the most popular is Nectifirm. This product is specifically designed to firm the appearance of the neck and the decolletage. Using it twice daily will help you maintain a youthful-looking neck and chest and hydrate your skin.

Products for Skin Hydration Designed To Hydrate Your Skin

DEJ Eye Cream

The under-eye area has the most sensitive skin on the face. It’s thin, delicate, and requires the right combination of ingredients to hydrate the skin and deliver anti-aging benefits without causing irritation or inflammation. ReVision has formulated an eye cream that has the perfect ratio of ingredients to treat hooding and droopiness as well as fine lines and crow’s feet and also promotes skin hydration.

DEJ Face Cream

The DEJ face cream is another stand-out product from this line that helps treat and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also promoting beautiful skin texture. It can help plump skin that suffers from laxity as a result of the aging process and improve photodamage while protecting the skin against environmental stress.

Products Designed for Skin Renewal

Youthful Lip Replenisher

You don’t typically think about your lips when you think about a skincare routine, but it’s important that you invest in the right anti-aging lip products to promote youth and ward off the signs of aging.

Aging affects the lips in different ways, but you can fight back against the aging process and maintain full lips when you use the right products. This skincare line has a popular product called Youthful Lip Replenisher, specifically formulated to help keep your lips looking young, vibrant, and healthy.

Renew Your Complexion With ReVision

Improving your skin doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need the right combination of products, and then you need to commit to using them daily to experience a total skin transformation. Our experts will help you choose the right skincare regimen for your skin. During a free skincare evaluation and consultation, they will learn more about your skin goals and choose the right products from this line so you can experience total skin rejuvenation.