Are you unhappy with how common cosmetic concerns such as wrinkles, acne or enlarged pores are affecting your appearance? It can be easy to let these imperfections impact how you feel towards your skin, especially when they become noticeable. Our specialists at Reflection Medical Spa Center now offer HydraFacial, a breakthrough skin rejuvenation treatment that can help you unveil the best sides of your complexion. Reflection Medical Spa Center in Cartersville is the leading destination for anti-aging treatments including HydraFacial. Our specialists are excited to meet with you, discuss your aesthetic goals, and help make them shine through in your reflection.


Dermaplaning is a simple yet powerful tool used for skin rejuvenation that will give you smoother and even younger-looking skin. At Reflections Medical Spa in Cartersville, GA, we offer this skin smoothing treatment as a standalone treatment or alongside the Hydrafacial, a hydration-based treatment that improves skin hydration and helps you experience some noticeable skin brightening benefits.

Custom Facials

Are you frustrated with the results of your current at-home skincare routine? Do you wish there was something simple you could do to refresh your skin? Facials may be the answer to your concerns! These simple but powerful treatments offer a way to address concerns as well as rejuvenate the overall appearance of your skin. Explore the possibilities during a consultation with us at Reflections Medical Spa in Cartersville, GA!