• Publish Date: December 13th, 2021
  • Microneedling

Take advantage of the healing powers that already exist in your own body to get more youthful skin with the power of SkinPen Microneedling. This convenient treatment involves no downtime due to the minimally-invasive measure it uses to stimulate collagen production in your body. Our team at Reflections Medical Spa in Cartersville, GA is excited to tell you all the details you need to know about this age-defying treatment.

What Is SkinPen?

The SkinPen is a specially-designed professional device that can be used for applying microneedling treatments to the skin. This microneedling process stimulates collagen production in your skin to get results that make your skin look younger and more voluminous. One thing that sets this device apart from other microneedling devices is that it is also beneficial for those suffering from acne scars, as it can reduce the appearance of these unsightly marks.

Three-Stage Process of Treatment

This innovative treatment is applied over the course of a three-stage process. Using repetitive motions of the specialized needles in the device, one of our experts will treat your hands, face, or neck depending on where you would like to see results. The treatment begins with the inflammatory stage, followed by the proliferation stage and lastly the remodeling stage. All three steps of the process work in harmony to achieve the beautiful, radiant skin that you’re looking for.

The Inflammatory Stage

At the beginning of treatment, tiny micro-perforations are created in your skin using the needles within the device. This jumpstarts natural processes in your body, which begin to clean and disinfect the skin from the inside out. Blood flow and tissue creation in the treatment area will also be stimulated as a result. While the word inflammation may have negative connotations in some contexts, microneedling uses this reaction from your body to start the restoration process.

The Proliferation Stage

Your body begins to heal from the tiny perforations created by microneedling during a treatment phase called the proliferation stage. As collagen and elastin production is stimulated by the effects of microneedling, new cells are created, restoring the structure that creates voluminous, youthful skin. Your body will produce more of these proteins to leave your skin looking firmer, tighter, and all-around healthier-looking.

The Remodeling Stage

Your body’s healing process continues through the remodeling stage. New blood vessels and dermal tissues will replace old cells in your body as the skin continues to heal from the microneedling. As a result, you’ll notice firmer, tighter, and smoother skin as the results continue to develop. The new collagen your body produces can also help those suffering from acne scars prior to treatment, as that collagen will help to fill out those scars to smooth away their appearance.

Why Choose This Treatment?

With all of the different methods of receiving microneedling treatment available to you, you may ask what advantages SkinPen gives over other options available to you. There are three main factors that help this treatment stand out from other microneedling treatments that are available to patients.

Sterile and Safe

The validated cartridge used in this device is completely sterile. The needles are also specially designed to be the perfect length to stimulate anti-aging results by encouraging the body’s collagen production while also protecting your skin from any risk of damage. The high safety standards this product achieves isn’t something you’ll find in many other microneedling devices.

Medical-Grade Treatment

You’ll also get the assurance that you’re using a medical-grade product manufactured in the United States when you choose this treatment over other microneedling options. The medical-grade equipment achieves a high level of precision and is adjustable so that it can be set to a customized depth that is personalized to get the best results for your unique skin.

Thoroughly Tried and Tested

The rigorous laboratory testing that this device has undergone also sets it apart from less proven microneedling methods that you may find. Specialized proprietary technology works to stop cross-contamination between patients, rendering this device safe and sterile. You can have peace of mind knowing that this treatment doesn’t pose any sort of risk to your health and isn’t unsafe in any way.

What Benefits Will I Enjoy?

MedSpas all over the world have seen this treatment become a popular request from customers due to the wide array of benefits it provides. The results you get are reliable and appear completely natural, complimenting your own look rather than leaving you with something that looks fake or unnatural. The gradual yet visible results that show up as collagen production in your body increases can benefit just about anybody looking for better skin.

Easy and Convenient

You won’t have to plan any downtime from your day-to-day routine when you decide to make use of this treatment. Schedule an appointment whenever you can fit it into your schedule and you can be back to work that same day if you would like. That makes this treatment perfect for anybody who is too busy to devote much time to treatment but who wants amazing results for their skin.

Natural Recovery Process

Instead of relying on foreign chemicals, this treatment uses natural processes in your body to improve your look. The collagen production that microneedling encourages is something your body does naturally, so the results you get come from proteins already present in everybody’s skin. That avoids any potential exposure to toxic or otherwise harmful ingredients to get you the youthful look that you desire.

FDA-Approved Safe

Safety is our first concern for any patient, and we can assure you that SkinPen is a very safe treatment to receive. You can come in for your treatment appointment with confidence because this treatment is FDA-approved to be safe and effective. You won’t have to wonder if you’re at any sort of risk when you’re undergoing treatment because this device has already been thoroughly trialed and put through all types of tests.

Perfect for All Types of Skin

While some treatments are restrictive to certain tones and types of skin, this treatment is versatile enough to treat just about anybody. Other treatments may not be suitable for you because of their harsh or abrasive nature, but this minimally-invasive way to rejuvenate your skin provides an alternative. Skin tones ranging from very light to very dark have all been proven to benefit from this treatment. The mechanical process it uses to stimulate collagen production is non-abrasive. All types of skin on the Fitzpatrick scale from one to six have all been shown in clinical studies to benefit from this product.

Treatments Can Be Scheduled Whenever You Would Like

For continual results to enjoy, you can schedule this treatment multiple times throughout the year. We’ll work with you to guide you to a personalized treatment plan that is designed to get you the results that you’re looking for. Our goal is to let you experience of all of the skin changes that you wish to see.

Comfortable Treatment Process

The tiny needles that are used in the microneedling process may make some potential patients wary of receiving this treatment. However, you can rest assured that the entire treatment process is pain-free and comfortable. To avoid any discomfort on your part, we’ll apply a light numbing cream to the target area prior to treatment. You’ll be able to lie back and relax throughout the treatment, feeling only a slight pressure from the device as your body begins to increase its natural capacity for healing your skin.

Common Questions About Treatment

Here are some of the questions we often hear from patients regarding this treatment, as well as the answers you need to know.

Do I Need To Prepare for Treatment?

There are only basic pre-treatment requirements needed for this treatment, such as avoiding excessive sun exposure or not using retinol for a few days prior to treatment. You also won’t want to undergo any exfoliating treatments right before your appointment.

What Aftercare Requirements Should I Follow?

Our team will provide you with a simple aftercare regimen following treatment, including the right products to soothe and hydrate your skin. We’ll also provide instructions such as avoiding intense exercise and excessive heat or sun exposure for a few days following treatment.

Is This Treatment Right for Me?

Just about anybody who wants to improve the overall health of their skin is a good candidate for this treatment. We’ll confirm that this treatment is right for your specific aesthetic goals when you have a consultation with one of our experts.

Love Your Skin Again

We believe that everybody should enjoy their very best-looking skin. Reach out to Reflections Medical Spa in Cartersville, GA today to schedule your initial consultation and get on the path to the most radiant and youthful skin possible.