• Publish Date: December 7th, 2021
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Are you attending a special event and would like to look and feel your best? If so, you might be thinking about getting a cosmetic treatment that can smooth away wrinkles and folds as soon as possible. Here at Reflections Skin & Laser Center in Cartersville, GA, you can get anti-aging solutions that don’t require months of waiting before visible results are achieved. We offer Dysport Georgia injections that can give you long-lasting results just a few days after receiving the treatment.

How Fast Does Dysport Start Working?

Dysport Georgia starts working about two to four days after the treatment session, and you’ll see its full effect about a week or two later. This cosmetic injectable is known for softening frown lines and dynamic wrinkles. So if you’re looking for an effective solution that can fade wrinkles and folds without taking months, this cosmetic injection can give you subtle but quick results.

How Does Dysport Work?

Dysport Georgia is a neuromodulator that works by relaxing facial muscles. When injected into strategic areas of the face, it limits muscle movement that causes wrinkles to appear. Unlike dermal fillers, neuromodulator injections don’t provide immediate results. However, the treatment can successfully minimize the appearance of facial folds, lines, and wrinkles that can make you look older, tired, or upset.

How Long Do the Results Last? 

Neuromodulator injections cannot stop the aging process, but they can make you look and feel younger for several months. The results are not completely permanent, but you can expect the benefits of your Dysport Georgia injections to last anywhere from four and six months. And if you stay hydrated, have good skincare practices, and protect your skin from sun exposure, you may even see the results of your treatment for much longer further.

Just as the results of your neuromodulator injections appear gradually over two weeks, the results also diminish over time. About three months after your treatment, muscle movement that causes wrinkles and folds gradually becomes active again. Natural aging that causes skin laxity also causes the results of your cosmetic injections to fade. However, you may schedule repeat treatments to prevent wrinkles from re-appearing.

How Can You Make Treatment Results Appear Faster?

Many people who get cosmetic injectables plan to do so before a big event or a special occasion. But if you’re thinking about getting wrinkle-relaxing injections, it’s best to schedule them a few weeks in advance. You’ll need to allow some time for the injections to work before you can notice their wrinkle-relaxing capabilities.

However, if you want to see the results of your cosmetic injections as soon as possible, there are a few simple exercises that can help.

Facial Massage

Shortly after getting injections, you can gently massage the treated area for up to five minutes. A gentle massage can help the medication work faster. You can repeat these massages up to four more times throughout the day. By repeating this simple exercise over the next few days, the treatment results should appear soon.

Facial Exercise

Exercising and engaging the muscles injected with a neuromodulator can also help work the medicine into the treated areas. For example, you can raise and lower your eyebrows or move the muscles around your mouth. You can perform three sets of facial movements with 40 repetitions spaced 10 minutes apart. You may do this exercise no longer than four hours after receiving your cosmetic injections.

What To Expect When Getting Cosmetic Injections

What Aesthetic Concerns Can You Treat?

Dysport Georgia is a versatile neuromodulator injection that can treat almost all cosmetic concerns caused by muscle movement. We can use this treatment to smooth out smoker’s lines, frown lines, smile lines, and wrinkles between the eyebrows. Even the areas at the edges of the eyes, where you can find crow’s feet, can benefit from this treatment.

How To Prepare for the Treatment

Before receiving cosmetic injections, it’s necessary to keep your skin healthy and ready. Some of the things you’ll need to do for a successful treatment include:

  • Discontinuing certain medications and supplements

  • Refraining from consuming alcohol

  • Avoiding retinol-based products

  • Drinking enough water

When you come in for your appointment, your face should be clean and free of cosmetics. It would be best to have your hair pulled away from your face.

What Is the Treatment Session Like?

We use a tiny needle to perform cosmetic injections. You may feel a slight sensation, but there will be no unbearable pain that requires local anesthesia. A treatment session can last for up to 30 minutes.

After your appointment, we’ll advise you to follow certain practices to ensure you get the best results from the treatment. Some of the essential post-treatment care instructions are:

  • Avoid taking medications or supplements

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

  • Avoid using retinol-based products

  • Avoid touching or rubbing the face

  • Keep your head elevated while sleeping

  • Avoid direct sun exposure

  • Relax and avoid heavy exercises

  • Drink enough fluids


How Many Treatment Sessions Are Needed?

You’ll be able to see desired results after only one treatment session. However, if you have moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, two or three treatment sessions will be better. You’ll need to wait for a few weeks to see your final results in this case.

Can You Alternate Injections With Other Neuromodulators?

Dysport is known as the best alternative to Botox. Both cosmetic injectables share many similarities, including the substance used to create them. However, the two vary in strengths. Botox is much more potent. On the other hand, Dysport Georgia has a more diluted formulation that can give you subtler, more natural-looking results.

If you’d like to alternate the two, you certainly can. It’s perfectly safe and reasonable to do so, as long as it aligns with your personal goals. We can help you design a treatment plan that will address your preferences and align with your schedule.

Are You a Good Candidate for the Treatment?

How Old Are You?

Before scheduling you for cosmetic injections, we’ll need to consider your age first. Wrinkle-relaxing injections are only approved for individuals who are at least 18 years of age. If you are not yet 18, we can recommend alternative solutions that can address your cosmetic concerns at the moment.

Nevertheless, we recommend getting neuromodulator injections while you are only experiencing moderate signs of aging. Your 40s and 50s are the best time to start. For example, by the time you are in your 70s, your wrinkles and folds might have become so deep that cosmetic injections might not be able to give you long-lasting, ideal results. You may be more suited to a surgical alternative like a facelift.

What Is Your Medical History?

If you are at the right age to receive cosmetic injections, we will then examine your medical history. Because cosmetic injections are non-invasive cosmetic treatments, nearly everyone is physically and mentally fit enough to undergo it. However, certain medical conditions may prevent us from scheduling your treatment session.

If you have allergies or sensitivities to certain proteins found in milk, there’s a chance that we will not consider you for cosmetic injections. Additionally, if you have neurological or muscular conditions, neuromodulator injections might not be the best option for you.

What’s Your Current Health Status?

If you are free of chronic and severe conditions, we can then assess the quality of your facial skin. Cosmetic injections will require the treatment area to be relatively clear and healthy. Your skin should be free from inflammation and active skin conditions.

Additionally, we advise women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, and are nursing to postpone getting the treatment. No studies have yet proven that neuromodulator injections do not affect the health of a fetus or nursing infant. Your safety and satisfaction are top priorities.

What Are Your Goals and Expectations?

We make sure that our cosmetic solutions always offer satisfying results. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your concerns to see whether cosmetic injections can achieve your desired results. To make sure you have a positive experience, we’ll need to ensure that you have realistic expectations from the treatment.

Smooth Your Dynamic Wrinkles Today

Wrinkles, lines, and folds are the most common signs of aging. If these unwelcome changes make you feel less like yourself, we can help you smooth them away. Our center offers cosmetic injectables that can work right away, and you’ll only need to wait a few days to see the benefits. Contact Reflections Skin & Laser Center in Cartersville, GA to schedule your consultation and see if our wrinkle-relaxing injections are suitable for you.